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🏆🏆 Your job is your first business partner 🏆🏆
Meet The Employed Millionaire
Storm Leroy
Storm Leroy became a multi-millionaire while working a 9 to 5. He started his real estate journey in 1999, while working with Verizon. He found himself at his renovation locations more than being at his office. He had to choose between quitting his job which was paying for his investments, or going into real estate full time.

He ended up picking his job, but in 2015, started to invest in out-of-state real estate and amassed over 30 properties in 6 states, while never seeing any of them. He eventually built a multi-million-dollar portfolio that afforded him the luxury of early retirement.

Now he teaches others how to leverage their job, time, and relationships to build multi-generational wealth.

His motto is “Always Seek Knowledge”.
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learn how to make your employer your first business partner 🏆🏆🏆

Each event is designed to help learn how to make, multiply and manage your money. I want you to start thinking like a CEO. 

It is very important to recognize that you have the power to change your family's legacy and that requires some discipline, an eye on details and delegating the right people or tools in place to work for you.

As a CEO, you are overseeing the entire company which is YOU.Inc

So you will need to learn how to have the right structures for your business, your wealth and your life to make sure that it is all protected and understanding how to leverage your job is the first step to delegate.

This is a place that you will unlearn the employee/lack mindset to start building the growth mentality so you can learn to think like a CEO.


Seek knowledge beyond any physical or geographical restrictions. I have developed several courses to empower you to learn, earn, take action and get actual results to create your own world of possibilities. 

These courses are the backbone of the knowledge I gained setting up my million-dollar real estate business.  

Through my online courses you will learn how to:

  • Invest into real estate Out Of State, and control your investments.
  • ​Build asset protection using the three must have LLC's for investors.
  • ​Create generational wealth and taking your house out of your name.
  • ​And so much more...

Grab My Legacy Wealth Creation Ebook
Start Building A legacy
Grab the ebook
Most people fail at creating generational wealth due to lack of knowledge on how to protect on of their largest asset and wealth creation vehicle. 

This Is Where To Start Building Financial Freedom

This is an easy to read ebook bundle on what to do and an introduction to the "Rockefeller Legacy Creation" system
Achieve Freedom Before Retirement
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This is where I get to work with me and my team of certified coaches on how to Master your time management, Increase Your Wealth at Work and help you think like a CEO NOT like a Landlord In just 12 Months!

This is an exclusive community of entrepreneurs ready to break the generational poverty curse.

Learn The Proven System that will Help You Build True Wealth by Using Your Current Employer as Your Business Partner to Become a Millionaire on Your Jobs Time!

You get the mentorship, education, accountability and community to help you think and act like a CEO

If you are ready to change your life then apply to get mentored. 
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